5 household tips all work at home freelancing mums could use...

To minimise chores and prioritise your WAHM freelance week


Often I am asked how I keep on top of household chores as a work at home mum and honestly, I can’t say I do!

However, I have found MPD a sanity saver, that’s MINIMISE PRIORITISE DELEGATE, to focus on what’s important to us as a family and keep on track with my freelance work.

It is so easy to get sidetracked with housework when you work from home, but as busy freelance mums we need to make sure every working hour counts and be disciplined in time blocking to allow effective time management.

Something I am continuously trying to improve!

On that note, here’s 5 household tips that help prioritise the week…

Put away laundry only ONCE a week !

Here’s a quick video explaining why I only put away on Sunday’s.

Not to be confused with only wash and dry clothes once a week, just not possible as a mum of 6 but I find the never ending pile may as well be divided and delegated to each owner just once a week to save my legs and my sanity!

Ditch your iron!

I do still own an iron but I can truly say I cannot remember the last time I used it!

Tell a lie, the last time time was when my three teens had a wedding to attend, I blew the dust off it then, here they are looking smart.


Other than that, if you fold and roll your clothes away there is rarely any need to iron and no one is the wiser!

Batch cook one pot wonders!

These were a life saver during maternity leave and to stop me working into the early hours because I'd spent all evening trying to cook at least semi healthy dinners , plus you can feed yourself the next day with the leftovers!

Our favourites are chickpea curry, chilli bowls and stews. I will try to post some recipe videos soon as they are so simple, yet well received by all!

It is so easy to forget to eat when you are pouring all your energy into your small business! Touch wood so far I am yet to forget to feed my kids, it's just us mums that are prone to self neglect. Unless it's biscuits, funny how we don't forget to eat biscuits!

One main room per designated day!

Instead of spending your working week pottering about room to room, fire fighting the mess and wondering why no one has booked the freelance mum, shut the bloody doors and focus on one room a day!

Trust me, it's like shovelling snow while it's still snowing, trying to keep the whole home tidy, so just give up now!

Once your freelance business takes off maybe you can find a cleaner so you can sit back with a cuppa and listen to a scummy mummies podcast instead of guilt tripping yourself about all you are not getting done!


Get outside!

Yes, exactly that!

Get out in nature!

You will feel calmer, happier and the kids will make less mess if you are outside lots!

There is no such thing as true work life balance, but taking time out will stop you going stir crazy cooped up indoors.

We love hanging out in the woods, and as the saying goes…

There’s no such thing as bad weather!

Just make sure you have some overalls and quality footwear and you are good to go!