Haphazard to honed in...


So why Haphazardly Homegrown? What does that even represent?

 Well we can live haphazardly flitting about online trying to replicate how we *think* successful businesses are run!

My purpose is to help you hone in on the strategy you can realistically implement, what you actually want and create a way to move towards this ideal.

Homegrown represents your lifestyle design. Your individual cultivation of a life well lived and well loved! You can absolutely homegrow a life and business tailored to YOUR vision, not a cookie cutter unachievable blueprint that doesn't incorporate your time, needs and skill set!

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Angie is a mama to 6, a home educator and a seeker. 

Always knowing there was something more to pursue in life than what society tells you - work bills work trap - she coaches other wild spirited mamas (and sometimes men too!) into finding their truth, being bold and monetising a business whilst pursuing a freedom lifestyle, however that looks like for you! 

She is currently based in London and serves a diverse range of clients from local biz owners to online entrepreneurs. 

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For years I tried and failed to get it together, and rode the ebbs and flows of successes and failures. I added and I took away, reflecting often what worked and what didn't on my path to seeking lifestyle design to allow me to be there for my children as a lone mama whilst fulfilling my own hopes and dreams in life and business.

I have first hand experience in product AND service based business both on and offline, and a solid ethos in keeping sales strategies simple !

Back then I over complicated the whole process!

Then I devised my three part strategy to take you from haphazard to honed in and what I realised was astonishing! I had overwhelmed myself with a jumble of unproductive actions - you know the phrase 'busy being busy'? 

Even other coaches are falling into teaching and recommending the latest tech and marketing strategies but I am here to teach you how human connection and systems you will love will transform your biz habits!

On that note, let's connect so I can personally get eyes on your biz and give a complementary FREE analysis session to already set you up with a clear strategy to grow your visibility, positioning and impact!