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Hi Clare! Thankyou so much for jumping into a Mamaview! Please tell our readers all about Mumboss UK and your story up until this point!

 Firstly thank you again for this opportunity. My name is Clare Bowers, Creator and Founder of MUMBOSSUK® .  I am 32 years young & I run two successful businesses that both offer support within my community. I have three beautiful children who are the driving force behind my success along with my husband who is my absolute world, without his support both of my businesses would be still the thoughts in my head.

I left school with very little qualifications to join the Royal Navy, it is here I believe the true me was born. I am very proud of my achievements in business but I am more proud of my achievements as a mother and a wife. My family are my world & everything I do is for their future.

I first decided to create MUMBOSSUK®  in June 2017 , I noticed that the support for women in business in my community was non existent from searching for it myself when I needed it for my own business. I had spent over ten years supporting social, emotional and behavioural needs in the school setting, so when I became pregnant with my third child I decided that I wanted to take my knowledge & skills to the next level, this is when I set up my first business.

The ideas for my business were there but the financial support wasn’t, I had to fund everything from scratch even though I was giving so much back into the my community, the government pot was empty. After a year in business I finally started to realise that I was in this alone and that scared me but I powered through it thinking about all of the children's lives I could change within my area and possibly nationwide.

It was during this stage that I decided a new support platform for women who are in business or have a business idea was needed, MUMBOSSUK® was created. The first stepping stone was to create a magazine that featured all of the women within my community who wanted to share their business story to inspire other women who needed it most. Then came the website, I built it from scratch unlike my previous business website where I paid a freelance web designer. I decided that if I was going to support women in business who had no tech skills then I needed to get some! The website is beautiful and full of everything needed to get your business from idea stage into action stage!

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self?

Invest! I wish I knew then what I know now! If you have the chance to invest in your business at an early age, do it!

Can you give us 3 tips for juggling motherhood, life and business?

1. Ask for support! I’m guilty of waiting until i’m at my lowest before admitting I need support. Letting ourselves burn out isn’t good for our health or our family.

2. Prior preparation prevents poor performance! Get organised!

3. Find a healthy balance, you’re going to feel guilty when you spend time on business projects and when you don’t, you'll be feeling the same with time with your family. Finding a healthy balance is key for me, but didn't come easy!

Something no one warned me about being a work from home mama!

Some days you will get nothing done no matter how hard you try! And for me looking back, that was ok. If my baby was sick when I was in education I would call in sick and work would go on hold for the day, so why didn't I do that with my own business?

Now if I know I’m not going to get much done I set scheduled posts & text messages to my clients to let them know I’m out of the office but available on my mobile for emergencies. It takes away the guilt!

The best thing about being a WAHM? 

Being able to be the school playground mum, I’ve missed so much working in such a demanding environment that now its time to appreciate the little things that mean the most. I’ve met lots of new mums and put faces to names of my children friends.

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Tell us something you are working on to improve work life balance!

Something I’m working on right now to improve my work / life balance might be something that you guys think 'hey?!'  to is I’m learning how to say NO more.

I have always been that person who you know no matter how much she has going on she would always try to help everyone, even if it got in the way of my business. I felt the need to support when really I was just taking away the challenge, now when I know a NO is needed I can happily say it without the feeling of guilt or the need to explain why I've said no.

I’m also looking at my social funnel again, I need to add something in the middle that highlights my coaching services before we hit the website.

Understanding what is working and what could be improved is key for me in business because it makes everything including my family life easier! 

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What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

The best advice anyone has ever given me was from my husband.

He reminded me to keep my energy and my focus in our four walls, don’t stress about what everyone else is doing and focus on what you are doing. Keep your eyes forward and remember your business is unique to you, so stressing over what everyone else was doing would leak into your business ideas and create a duplicate of their business.

What WAHM has inspired you lately?

I’m very lucky to have a lot of work at home mums around me, I get a lot of inspiration from my clients. I know that sounds strange because I’m the business coach, its me who's meant to be giving out all of the inspiration but with every new client I attract comes a breath of fresh air with their energy, ideas and focus to achieve.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading two books at the minute , one is called The Parenting Puzzle and that is a Family Link book to support the every changing timetable that comes with childrens emotions and behaviours.

The second book is 'How to thrive in the digital age' written by the school of life, this book is brilliant for understand what being plugged in means and also how to un plug yourself from being digital which is so important for our own wellness.

How do you practice regular self care?

Self care is a must in our home, I switch off from my business at a reasonable time in the evening, this is so I’m still a wife & a mum. I have my relaxing bath bombs form Lush and lavender lotion before bed.

I still massage my childrens feet for them before they fall asleep, this give me time to have some one on one time with them both , that's my therapy!

I switch off and my focus is on them & only them.

I charge my phone down stairs now after an 'excelling under pressure' workshop with Sarah McBride, Creator & Founder of KAPUCIA , so now my family are the last things I see in the evening and the first thing I see when I wake up. I even turn the WIFI off now in the evening until I’m ready to work the next day.

I love to swim with the family and take regular walks without mobile phones! I love hearing the birds before a ring tone!

Clare, thankyou so much for you mama wisdom, I'm sure readers will relate to so much you have covered. If you would like to get in touch with Clare please do not hesitate! You can reach her at and her website here

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