Meet Laura Helen...


Hey Laura Helen! Welcome to the Mamaview and thankyou for being here! Please tell our readers about you and your wonderful family!

Hi my name is Laura Helen aka worlds best mummy, together we are Forever Family Forever Free. We travel the world schooling our children as we go. We are from the UK, though we have no home, we travel always, exploring the world, learning and growing together as a family, currently in Costa Rica.

We are also 831 Designs, we help people become best selling authors, with our 'you speak we create' service.  

I am happily married to David and we have two incredible kids, Tyler David, who is 5, he is and an inventor and best selling author of the series “3 Tips for Aliens”.

And Tegan Helen, award winning best selling author and speaker, who is already out in the world making an impact .

We as a family have faced many challenges, overcome them and created life on our terms.



What advice would you give to your 21 year old self ?

To my 21 year old self…….. After a long think I would say go to a Tony Robbins event, so I can start opening my mind and thinking much sooner, and put more money away into a high interest savings account.


Can you give us three tips for juggling motherhood, life and business?

We created this life so we are able to play all day with the kids, and work in the evenings. 3 best tips….

1, make time for you (very important or you will go crazy)

2, make time for you and hubby (date nights, grown up time)

3, take your kids to self development events, tradeshows, and business events, teach them while they love to learn!



Tell us something no one ever warned you about being a work at home Mama!

I never realised how quickly kids can make your place look like you’ve been robbed lol, I LOVE travelling, ROOM SERVICE!

What is the best thing about being a WAHM?

I Love being a homeschooling work at home mummy, I get to spend all my time with my hubby and kids, we play, learn and grow together. I get to watch the kids create, and have breakthroughs, we have incredible adventures together, we are always creating fantastic memories.

I feel so lucky and blessed and for this amazing life, we my incredible family.


Can you discuss something you are working on right now to improve your work/life balance?

To improve our work life balance we are currently recruiting a new sales team, new editors and proofreaders, this is so we can take on a lot more business without losing our fun family time.

The best advice anyone ever gave you?

Best advice is a tough one as we read a lot of books and attend a lot of incredible seminars, best advice is a quote we now live by..

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

By President Abraham Lincoln.


What WAHM has inspired you lately? 

Sabrina Ben Salmi, she is am incredible mummy to the “Famous Five” I really don’t know how she does it. She inspires me so much, a great lady with a true heart. So happy to call her a friend.

What are you reading right now?

I’m currently reading two books, “Blossom and Become” by Anna Garcia, a really incredible read, it has you both  laughing and crying. It is a fantastic book, teaching many lessons in to our personal relationships, most importantly with ourselves. Highly recommend a must read for mummies.

Also “the mothers Manual” by Liu Yang, a great book for Mummies, it answers so many unanswered questions throughout, it answers questions you may not know who to ask about. Awesome books for mums.


How do you practice regular self care?

My kids keep me super fit! We swim run and play everyday. We are a very active family, we are also Vegans, who eat mainly fresh fruit, and i ensure i make time for me. Whether it be a hot bath, a walk or a power nap. I need to be at my best to be all I can be for my family.


Thank you so much for having me, happy and honored to take part and inspire.

Laura Helen thankyou so much for sharing with us how you make it work! Totally inspired by you!

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