Meet Hayley...


I’m mum to two gorgeous boys with our third child due November. I worked for ten years as a Primary Teacher but when the work life balance became too much of a juggling act I stopped work to focus on my family.

I now tutor occasionally, teach children’s yoga classes (I’m a qualified kids instructor) and spend my spare time writing and publishing my own books.

I wrote my first picture book when my first son was born and refused to sleep, hence the title Charlie Bear Won’t Go to Sleep! Two more followed in this series and since then I haven’t stopped.


I’m a huge bookworm, as are my six and one year old boys and I love the thought of someone somewhere smiling as they read one of my stories.

Currently I’ve started publishing journals. My first ‘My Little Growth Journal’ is geared towards encouraging a growth mindset in primary age children. As I write this I’m also awaiting delivery of my new title, “My Little Life Journal’. This is aimed at supporting teenage/preteen girls with anxiety and the pressures faced by picture perfect social media.


What advice would you give to your 21 year old self?

I wouldn’t. My life is far from perfect and I’ve made many mistakes, but I firmly believe that everything has led me to where I am today.

Can you give us 3 tips for juggling motherhood, life and business?

Routine works well for me. I’m probably the least strict person I know when it comes to this, but still, particularly on school days, we have a daily routine that keeps everything ticking over and avoids that ‘I can’t possibly do it all’ feeling.

I also try not to compare myself too much to others and worry about whether I’m doing things ‘right’. I do what works for me, my family and my business. If that means the children sit in front of Peppa Pig for half hour whilst I work, so be it.

Prescheduling social media posts is a must for me. Once a month I try to sit for an hour or so and schedule as many posts as possible in advance. That way I don’t feel I’m staring at my screen all day, distracted from the moment right now.

What is the best thing about being a WAHM?

For me it’s being able to do the school run. I love being there to hear how my sons day went and kick a football around the park on the way home. It’s the little moments that pass by so quickly that being a work at home mum allows me to treasure.


Can you discuss something you are working on right now to improve your work/life balance?

I’m working on giving myself a bit of me time (something I plan to write about in my next journal!) I’ve just cleared my conservatory of junk and am slowly turning it into an office/yoga room just for me. Somewhere I can take a time out and relax.

What WAHM has inspired you lately?

I think in general it’s the admins of the various Facebook groups that inspire me. I love that despite being crazy busy they still make time to offer a support network for other mums. It’s so important to give back when you have success.


What are you reading right now?

I’ve just finished The Lido and have started Why Mummy Drinks. I love the confessional writing style as it is very similar to my own. I hope to write an adult fiction book one day!

How do you practice regular self care?

Yoga! I took it up on the advice of a friend after my first child was born and although I may not be a natural, I find it really helps me to stop and switch off for a while. That’s part of the reasons I included it in My LIttle Life Journal. I wanted to give that same sense of inner peace to young girls.


You can find Hayley at My Little Bear Books and here to view her range of books.

Hayley thankyou so much for stopping by for a Mamaview.

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