A bit about me…

For years I tried and failed to get it together, and rode the ebbs and flows of successes and failures.

I added and I took away, reflecting often what worked and what didn't on my path to seeking lifestyle design to allow me to be there for my 6 children as a work at home mum and not tangled up in the cogs of complicated biz systems AND ENDLESS HOUSEHOLD CHORES.

I wanted to be a location independent freelancer so I could homeschool on my terms.

In 2014 I quit an entry level nursing role to have a baby and home educate my teenager, after being told the chances of flexible or part time hours post baby were pretty much non-existent, I could not see another way to be able to educate my son and raise my other children other than working from home.

Wanting to maintain a motherhood role whilst earning a living after spending 12 hour shifts on NHS wards and often leaving home as my then toddler slept, then returning home exhausted and hearing I had missed yet another milestone, was not the happy ever after I had envisioned when I trained as a mature student.

After teenage motherhood, bouts of unemployment and being seen by society as a failure I felt becoming a nurse was a way to prove my worth, except now I felt I was failing my children. I think a lot of mums feel they can’t win, ‘just’ a stay at home mum or a busy, harassed working mum, we seem to be seeking an unobtainable balance.

I failed many times, from seeking start up support at the local job centre where I was told to just use the onsite childcare which would require leaving home at 6am with a baby and toddler and go back to shift work or my mentor not showing up, to trying to design, manufacture and promote a children’s label.

Whenever I felt like I couldn’t emulate all the freelance mums I followed on social media, I would remind myself of the night shift I was allocated in a hospital I had never worked at, at seven months pregnant, completely exhausted and unsupported as my children slept at home. There was an emergency on the ward and as much as I fulfilled my role, I still look back and think about that night.

I loved nursing, the care aspect at least and hope I have transferred that skill into the support I now offer other Mums who like me, not only want to go digital, but need to. Mothers have a right to obtain at least some flexibility in their roles as both mother and family provider.

There are so many mothers with skill sets that are being wasted or underdeveloped because their employer cannot support and adapt to accommodate changing circumstances. The positive in this is, in a digital age mothers are waking up to opportunities that allow them to design how motherhood and work can look and I am proof of that.

Fast forward to 2019 and I packed up and left London to go and live by the sea and spend my days dog walking and learning to paddle board.

I am also the co-director of a marketing company, I sit in as content strategist and copywriter for a design agency and I am the founder of a platform supporting mums venturing into the digital space.

You can read more about my services here.

To sum it up, I am a writer.

This is my personal blog documenting a homegrown life.

I also feature other mums growing a life and business on their terms.

Thanks for stopping by!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou