Rollin' with the flo


Hello! We are the Flodeens: a family of 5 traveling around the country living in our 5th wheel trailer which we lovingly call “home”.  We have been living in this home since May of 2017 and have decided to start sharing our adventures and experiences of living life small and simple on the road.

Most recently, we lived in Washington State.  We’ve always had the love to travel and have been on a long journey to simplify and minimalize.  The concept of living tiny or in an RV has been talked about for some time when we finally decided take the plunge head first.  We knew that we could be comfortable financially off our investments for at least a year or two without having to worry about it affecting us long term.  

So we jumped in!  Zack quit his job.  We sold just about everything we owned that didn’t fit into the RV (if it didn’t fit, it didn’t come).  We traded our cars for a big truck (The Beast), and we purchased a 5th wheel travel trailer.  Our maiden voyage started on Memorial Day weekend 2017 and we have been growing with the experience ever since.  


This experience has really opened our eyes to traveling with our kids and really chasing our dreams.  Who knows what will be next in our adventures, but we are excited at the journey ahead of us!

Where abouts in the world are you right now?

We’re currently in Gulfport, MS and will be heading to the gulf coast of Texas soon.

What do you love about this place?

We love it here in Gulfport since we’re right on the ocean and the beach.  Our campground is right by an amazing park that the kids play at every day.  Having a playground close by is very important when traveling with three young kids.  


Anything you don’t like?!

We haven’t liked the weather lately.  We came south to chase summer.  We were expecting warmer temps since we’re right on the Gulf Coast, but it’s been pretty cold and below freezing some nights.

What are the three most challenging aspects that stand out?

  1. Finding our next destination is both daunting and exciting. Most of our destinations are places we’ve never explored before. So it’s exciting since we get to explore the new area together but also daunting since there are so many choices for places to go.  We also like to find a place to stay for a month at a time since it helps to save money.  

  2. Our RV is on the larger size since it’s about 41’ long so it can make it very challenging driving on small country roads or if we encounter low bridges. We’ve had some close calls that probably gave us both some gray hairs.

  3. The learning curve that comes from owning an RV.  We’ve never owned an RV before so everything is brand new to us such as dealing with different electrical situations, maintaining the plumbing, and understanding the special appliances.



How’s the food?!

We’ve enjoyed the sushi along the coast!  We have not had much luck with fresh produce.  The selections are not that great at the stores and often way overpriced.  We were used to getting farm fresh produce from local farmers markets when we lived in Vancouver, WA.  I guess we got a little spoiled.

Any funny, interesting or daunting experiences along the way?

Ahh! Yes, there are way too many to list.  This whole adventure has been a complete learning curve since we have never owned an RV before and on top of having 3 kids 5 and under there is never a dull moment.  We’ll be detailing some of our crazy experiences on our website


Can you give us 3 tips for making it work?

  1. Roll with the Flo…  You can’t get too bent out of shape if plans don’t go accordingly or if your plans completely change.  It’s bound to happen when you’re traveling on the road and especially with kids.  It’s important to embrace being flexible even if it goes against your grain.

  2. Laugh, laugh and laugh! Be able to laugh at yourself, others or anytime something goes wrong.  Living in a tiny space with 5 people can get stressful at times especially with 3 young children.  If you’re able to laugh it really helps lighten up or diffuse any situation.

  3. Try to see the bright side of anything and everything.  Like say you have 2 tires blowout on your trailer in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday night, and no places are open to help.  Maybe it happened so you’d stop – preventing you from having a future accident.  Who knows!  And it is great when a Good Samaritan comes by to help, saving the day.  Just always try to see the bright side it can really help when dealing with any stressful situation, and things really do work out alright in the end.


Do you have any financial tips for travelling?

We’re always on the hunt for free entertainment and free things to do. We rarely shell out cash for entertainment and if we do it’s not much. There are so many free things you can find by searching online or talk to the local people for suggestions or even check out the town’s visitor center.  They are always very helpful there.

We save a lot of money by prepping and preparing all of our snacks and meals from scratch. A lot of people are surprised that we do this while living full-time in an RV but it’s totally doable. It save us a lot of money by not eating out and it’s healthier for you.  


What do you miss, if anything?

We don’t miss much since much since this minimalist life really suits us and our family goals.  We do find ourselves missing old friends we’ve made, and the kids miss their old friends as well, but we all have made many new friends on the road during our travels.  And after all, we can always travel to visit our old friends while on the road.


What advice would you give to other Mamas planning on travelling with their tribe?

Don’t fear the unknown of travelling!  It can be daunting and very trying at times, but the excitement of the journey and growth you’ll see in the kids (and the family as a whole) are well worth the challenges you encounter on the road.  Traveling with your tribe is a truly empowering experience!



Where can we find you?!  

Check us out on our website Rollin' with the flo, as well as Rollin’ with the Flo on Instagram and Facebook!