Mama travels two


I'm Erin, mama to E (8) and Im (6). (The kids have chosen to not have their faces or name on the internet.) I'm a homemaker from Minnesota and the kids have always been homeschooled, so we have as much time as we want to travel. However, we love MN so we don't plan to travel full time anytime soon.

I shattered my ankle in 2016 doing an obstacle course and needed surgery. While lying in bed unable to walk or go anywhere on my own, I had a lot of time to evaluate what I wanted in my life. Travel with kids was one result.

Where abouts in the world are you right now?

We are in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico right now.


What do you love about this place?

We love how friendly and helpful everyone is. They love and respect children. There are beautiful places to be in nature.

What are the most challenging aspects that stand out?

One of my biggest, yet silly challenges is always needing to have small cash bills. The ATMs give big bills and most places don't have change. A good local tip I learned is to ask the beer delivery truck drivers to break big bills.

The emotionally exhausting paradox of being sad to leave a place and people, yet being excited to move on is a challenge for me.


Any funny, interesting or daunting experiences along the way?

We've had to walk through blockcades several times here  Nothing scary, but interesting, different and conversation starters.
The 6 year old was dancing out of a store backwards and nearly ran into a federale officer's giant rifle!

Can you give us 3 tips for making it work?

Slow travel is best for our sanity. We've stayed a month or longer in each place. This allows down time. Kids need lots of time to process all of the new experiences. They do that through free play and getting enough sleep.

Get enough rest yourself.

Pack light. No, even less than that!

Travel with very few expectations except that you'll learn and grow. Unexpected things happen all the time and it's best to be able to take things well as they come. It all works out in the end.

Do you have any financial tips for travelling?

You can usually save a bunch by renting a house or apartment for a month or longer.

Eat one or more meals at home. Pack snacks for going out. Use reusable water bottles. In Mexico I've found that most places will refill your water bottles from their garrafones for a few pesos. Much cheaper than buying plastic water bottles, plus better for our world!

Take the local bus, colectivos, or walk when possible.


What do you miss, if anything?

Our friends


What advice would you give to other Mamas planning on travelling with their tribe?

Just do it. You can make it happen. Ask for help. Most people in the world are good. That all sounds generic, but really everyone's travel style is different. You have to just go and figure out what works for you.

Where can we find you?

Instagram @mamatravelstwo