Adventures with Kids


Hello! We are a family of four, Krister, Malin and our two boys Dante, 4, and Milo 2 years old. We come from Sweden where we had a house, large garden, car and a stable lives. I guess that’s what most people strive for it wasn’t for us. We didn’t feel completely happy with too much work keeping our family apart. One day we were pondering over how much time we spent on everyday routine things. After a rough calculation Krister were gone for 10 hours a day and only saw the kids the hour before bedtime. When he got home I started to work on my own business at home. The house, and daily tasks like cooking, the dishes, cleaning and so on took roughly 20 hours per week. Where were we suppose to have fun together, where were the fun in life?


So after long discussions about what’s important in life we sold our house and all our belongings except our four backpacks and a few boxes with memories. We started our journey in Borneo in September 2017 and life have not been better! Finally we have time for the family, we can show the kids the world (they've learned so much!), different cultures and habits and we live a much simpler life but so much richer.  



Where abouts in the world are you right now?

We are now in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but will soon leave for Thailand.


What do you love about this place?

There is a lot to do and see. We’re also staying in a great apartment on the 18th floor with a great view of the city. It’s cheap too so we have the luxury to eat out to minimize dishes and cooking if we want.

Anything you don’t like?!

The traffic! It’s horrible and few people speak English which can make it a bit lonely if you stay for a long period of time.


What are the three most challenging aspects that stand out?

  • To balance work and play, it’s easy to see it as a vacation and act like it is but it’s not. There is an everyday life in travelling full time too.

  • Get exercise in the routines, it’s not easy when you come to new places.

  • Get healthy food, when staying in hotels, the food is limited to restaurants and it’s not always healthy food or that have any vegetables they serve.

How’s the food?!

The base of the food here is rice or noodles, it’s good but we like it when there is more variation.


Any funny, interesting or daunting experiences along the way?

I think the biggest impressions since we started travelling is seeing pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and orangutans in the wild in Borneo, the remnants museum and Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City. Those experiences have made most impressions on the kids.

Can you give us 3 tips for making it work?

  • Decide on what to do, set a goal and work towards it. With the right mindset the possibilities are endless. If you see too many obstacles, find a mentor or join a mastermind to help you through it.

  • Find a balance between work and play, alone time and time together

  • Include everyone in the planning phase and while doing it when traveling, doing adventures and in everyday life.


Do you have any financial tips for travelling?

Avoid the tourist things, most things you can do by yourself instead of going on expensive tours.

If you rent for longer periods you often get it cheaper, book a few nights and then go out and look for good apartment.

What do you miss, if anything?

Except for the people Krister miss liver paste (a sort of spread in Sweden) and I miss rye bread.


What advice would you give to other Mamas planning on travelling with their tribe?

Just do it! You won’t regret it! Join a mastermind with likeminded people that supports you. It’s invaluable!

Where can we find you?!

We have a blog but it’s in Swedish


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