Pearce on Earth


Hi, we’re the Pearce family — Brandon, Jennifer, Emily, Marie, & Aysia. We’re originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ve been traveling as a family for 9 years now, visiting around 40 countries, with various home bases along the way in Costa Rica (Aysia was born during our time here), Bali (Indonesia), Victoria (Canada), and San Miguel de Allende (Mexico). We enjoy traveling with friends, taking classes & learning new things wherever we are. We also enjoy hosting events such as the Family Adventure Summit & the At Home in the World retreats for families who value incorporating travel into their lifestyle.


Where abouts in the world are you right now?

We are currently visiting Transylvania, Romania where we’re doing a beta run of the At Home in the World Family Retreat.

What do you love about this place?

There is such beautiful nature here, a really unique language & culture, fun traditions & festivals, delicious cuisine, beautiful gardens, and hardworking people.


Anything you don’t like?!

Nothing specific comes to mind.


What are the three most challenging aspects that stand out?

Only one, the language mainly spoken in this part of Romania is Hungarian, which is quite a challenging language to learn.

How’s the food!

We really enjoy their amazing bread, dumplings, cheese, fresh produce, and the variety of delicious soups & pastas.

Any funny, interesting or daunting experiences along the way?

We took an overnight bus ride (which was our best & most economical option), an eleven hour journey, to get here, which felt a bit daunting, but we made it through surprisingly well.


Can you give us 3 tips for making it work?

Make friends with the locals; they’re your best resource.

Plan plenty of rest and integration time into your journey.

Attend local markets, festivals, and activities.


Do you have any financial tips for travelling?

Staying longer-term (at least 1 month) can significantly reduce accommodation and transportation costs. Brandon made a video and post with other tips for saving money on accommodations here.


What do you miss, if anything?

There are certain people and classes we miss, but we really appreciate the variety of different things we experience in the places we travel, so we’re usually enjoying where we’re at instead of missing where we aren’t.


What advice would you give to other families planning on travelling?

Allow yourself to simplify, focus on appreciation, connect to your inner calm, remember love is what matters most, bring as much sensory presence as possible to each moment (including your intuitive sense), and enjoy the journey.

Where can we find you?!